Lifecycle of a Ladybug

I recently had an assignment from Click Magazine for a four-page spread to appear in the May, 2013 issue. The first spread was on the lifecycle of the ladybug. They were kind enough to get me started by pointing me to some website for reference. I’ve collected all my research into a Pinterest board on Ladybugs if you’re interested. The challenge was to show the various stages of eggs, larva, pupa and ladybug in the process of molting or transforming WHILE giving an overview of their habitat. In other words, I had to show the nearly microscopic within a wide shot of their environment. No small task.

Lifecycle of a Ladybug © Denise Ortakales

Lifecycle of a Ladybug © Denise Ortakales

Here you can see all the various stages of egg laying and hatching, various sized larva and pupa, etc. The spread had a sidebar to the left explaining the whole process and various callouts within the illustration (which is why there are many pale blank areas.) I knew I had a conference coming up, and had not had any postcards printed in a number of years. In my new role as Illustrator Coordinator for Northern New England, I knew I had very little time so . . . .

Hollyhocks © Denise Ortakales

Hollyhocks © Denise Ortakales

I revised my Ladybug image and made the hollyhock the star. A few other tweaks and voila! A new self-promotional postcard. With all the things I love—cats, flowers and bugs (well I don’t like bugs per se, only paper bugs!)

Stay tuned for the second spread, Lifecycle of a Dragonfly!

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