Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain

Legend of the Old Man of the Mountain

by Denise Ortakales

Illustrated by Robert Crawford

Ages 6—Adult

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
September, 2004

ISBN: 1-58536-236-0 Hardcover

For centuries, the Great Stone Face has kept silent watch from Cannon Mountain, high above the Pemigewasset River. But who is the onlooker and for whom does he keep vigil? Though from warring tribes, Mohawk maiden Minerwa enchants Chief Pemigewasset, and with their union comes peace for many years. But when Minerwa leaves to visit her dying father. Pemigewasset must stay behind. This story recounts the legend of Chief Pemigewasset, whose steadfast love and devotion to his wife is forever honored in his profile on the mountainside.


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