Exhibit – Cats in Hats

Go Cat, Go!

Go Cat, Go!

I am extremely honored to be included in an upcoming Cats in Hats Exhibition to be hosted by the Springfield Museums at the D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts (Springfield, MA) from October 4, 2016-April 30, 2017, timed to coincide with the opening of The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum.

Can I tell you how much this exhibit means to me?

I don’t recall my mother reading to me as a child. It’s not that she couldn’t read, she just didn’t like to. She didn’t enjoy it. But she did the next best thing. In kindergarten she signed me up for the Dr. Seuss Book Club. Every month I looked forward to those two books that arrived in the mail . This was my introduction to literature; it ignited my passion for reading and art. In fact, I don’t recall reading any other books as a child, except my Dr. Seuss Book Club books.

The Great Catsby

The Great Catsby

Here’s a sneak peak at the two piece I’ll be exhibiting. You’ll have to go to the museum to see the whole image!

Opening Reception for artists, their guests, and museum members will be on Thursday, October 13, 2016 from 5-7. Museum will provide refreshments.

The museum will also be holding a Dr. Seuss Birthday event on March 4, 2017. Check the museum website for more details later.

Cats in Hats Exhibit

October 4, 2016–April 30, 2017
D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts
21 Edwards Street
Springfield, MA 01103
Sunday: 11–5
Monday–Saturday: 10–5

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