Watercolor Wednesday

Finally, I wasn’t sure what to do for the last class of the season. I dug around the supply closet and found these maroon boots. When I was a girl and had to shine my shoes of the same color, the shoe polish was called ‘Oxblood’. I was so pleased with how the limited color palette came out on my last still life that I decided to do a monochrome.

© 2014 Denise OrtakalesI knew just the color, too. (WARNING: more gushing about Daniel Smith Watercolors ahead) I had recently picked up a tube of Piemontite Genuine from DS, a granulating yummy color with tones of umber, alizarin crimson and carmine. I happened to bring a pad of Strathmore w/c toned paper (called Neptune maybe?). There was a lovely pink sheet that I knew would be perfect with the Piemontite. So voila! A study in Pink and Oxblood!

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