Plein Air Monday

Church Landing at Mills Falls, Meredith, NHThis week we were at  Church Landing at Mills Falls overlooking beautiful Meredith Bay. For longtime blog readers, you will remember that Meredith Bay is one of our favorite places to swim in the Amphicar, always inciting lots of interest, and at times, applause. (We have interrupted or disturbed outdoor weddings held at Church Landing as we floated by. My apologies to any brides that felt upstaged. It was unintentional.)

This week I brought a new Strathmore sketchbook filled with watercolor paper. It’s quite nice and comes with brown leather covers. (I am a self-confessed art supply junkie.) I couldn’t wait to try it out.

© 2014 Denise OrtakalesAfter scoping out the grounds, I chose a lake view with two quaint Adirondack chairs. I wisely left them out realizing I would be there all morning drawing the chairs to perfection. After working on the first sketch for an hour, and layering one layer over the other to get the right intensity, I moved on. Chatting with one of the other artists, she said, “You know you’re in trouble when you find yourself painting each leaf.” How true.

I turned my chair ninety degrees to the charming fence. I tried hard to get the color right the first try so it wouldn’t have that overworked look. And I was impressed with the paper in that sketchbook. It’s 140 lb. and hardly had a waver to it at all. The texture was not bad yet not as yummy as an Arches cold pressed. Although the arbor over the gate is wonky, and the fencing is not perfect, it has that sketchy feel to it. More of this please. Are you listening Art Fairies?



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