Watercolor Wednesday

Sunflowers © Denise OrtakalesUnprepared for class a second time, I pulled up a picture of sunflowers on my phone and painted that. Again, I like the colors and the composition but there’s little depth.

Portrait of Mom and Dad © 2014 Denise OrtakalesI always have a hard time deciding what to paint. I see cute teapots or quaint jugs that other people bring but I can never find anything like that at home. But I did have this frame to which I added some cheesy silk flowers from the art room and a scrap of damask tablecloth fabric that I had. I really had no intentions of painting a portrait of my parents, intending to focus on the frame, but you know, I couldn’t leave them with wishy-washy faces. My mind knew it was supposed to be Mom and Dad and there was no getting around it. I labored over the drawing. I labored over painting the frame. I labored over painting my parents. In the end I was pleased with the results. It fulfilled the anal side of my brain that likes tedium. But there was something unfulfilling about it as a whole.

I also learned it’s hard to paint white-haired people when your teacher WON’T LET YOU USE WHITE!!!

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