Watercolor Wednesday

Alice's Sea Shell © 2013 Denise OrtakalesAs I said before, I’ve been taking a watercolor class at the local high school off and on since spring 2013. Unprepared the first night, I painted whatever interesting thing I could get my hands on—Mother-in-law’s seashell. I love the colors, though It’s not very successful. There’s only one way to go from here, right?Maman's Poupee © 2013 Denise Ortakales

I finally got my act together and brought in my mother’s old doll, a Dionne Quintuplet look-a-like. I learned a lot on this piece, like how bad high school lighting is. I took a reference photo at home with my phone and referred to that when I needed values. I discovered that I LOVE Undersea Green w/c by Daniel Smith. It’s a mixture of French Ultramarine and Quinacridone Gold (which I suppose you could mix yourself, but why? Just like the big box of crayons, I like a palette with tons of colors.) Lay it on juicy and watch it separate! So much fun. Staining and granulating. I received many compliments on my background, to which I responded, “Thank you so much,” but really it was all a happy accident. And Undersea Green. I was also pleased with the shading on the doll body, not so much the head. AND that I got the stupid perspective right on the foot. Not an easy task since the doll kept falling backwards. Loose joints. All in all, I feel like this is my first accomplished piece.

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