Watercolor Wednesday

English House © 2000 Denise OrtakalesI like to bring small watercolor pads and a portable set of w/c’s when I go on trips. Sometimes its all for naught because I forget, or get too busy, to do anything with them. I also bring a collapsible water bucket and some of those water brushes. In 2000 I traveled to England. I did some nice sketches of my son and mother but this is the only watercolor I did. This was a house across from the Inn we were staying at, in the Lake District. I typically draw with a black pen, adding the watercolor later when I get back to the room. I think I was channeling Kate Greenaway and Beatrix Potter. Wished I had done more. Sigh.Chateau Frontenac © 2003 Denise Ortakales

The next two were from our trip to Québec city. We stayed at the Chateau Frontenac which had been a dream of mine since childhood (only a couple nights because it cost beaucoup d’argent!) The first is the view of the other part of the hotel from our room. The other is a view of Isle D’Orleans from the ferry, Louis Joliet, on the Riviere St. Laurent Isle D'Orleans © 2003 Denise Ortakales(St. Lawrence River for you noobs). I did these on postcard sized w/c paper and mailed them to myself. I wished I had done more—the old city, the old fort, the horse & buggies and a statue or two. Sigh.

US Capitol © 2005 Denise OrtakalesThe last is another postcard I mailed myself. Obviously its of the Capitol building in DC. Like most of the others its black ink with w/c. I’m seeing a trend with subject matter. Maybe architecture is my thing. Say it with me—I wished I had done more. Sigh.

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