A Working Weekend with Friends

I went away this weekend with friends (shout out to Mona Pease, Tamra Wight, Cynthia Lord and Val Giogas) to a charming Victorian in Cape Neddick, Maine. They spent the weekend feverishly huddled over their keyboard, or trying desperately to get an internet connection. The goal for me was to get reacquainted with my art supplies, and experiment with a new 2D style. (Gasp!) I know, I’m itching to go flat. I’m not abandoning the cut paper, just looking for alternatives; mix it up once in a while. What did I discover after schlepping half my studio to the ocean front? Acrylics = Fast fun. Watercolors = Like waiting in line at the DMV. I love the look of watercolor but for my personality, it’s too slow. Here’s the results of my weekend’s work:

Black Bear #1

Here’s the beginning of Black Bear, a picturebook manuscript by my bud Mona Pease. She graciously gave me permission to illustrate it for my portfolio.

Black Bear #2

Here’s it is a little further along.

Rhinoceros #1

This is the acrylic piece. The garish colors are the underpainting, soon to be covered up.

Rhinoceros #2

See? Each shape in this image has at least 4-5 layers of paint.

All in all, not a bad start. My writer friends got a lot accomplished too. So was it worth it? It’s too soon to tell if the payoff on the watercolor will be worth the effort. Right now I’m digging the acrylics. But I still have more playing to do, more art supplies to try before I decide. Hmmm! This may call for another retreat!

4 thoughts on “A Working Weekend with Friends

  1. I know a very inexpensive place in Lakeville, MA you can have all to yourself this spring. We’ve been fixing it up, new bathroom upstairs–new LARGE table in the kitchen area you can set up on. You just have to go out to lunch with the owner 😉

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