What Would You Do With Two Burros?

New York Times posted a story of a Columbian elementary school teacher that packs up his two burros with books every weekend, and treks to a distant village in order to bring a little literacy and education to his area of the world. Brings new meaning to the BookMobile, or as he calls it, “BiblioBurro.” Check it out. He’s truly inspirational.

What would you do with two burros?
Assuming I had room to house two burros, I could use them to mow my lawn, or plow my road in the winter. My husband could ride one to work. That would save on gas and be better for the environment. They could be fun to sketch, but who am I kidding, I don’t even sketch my cat.

My fantasy burros would be Greek (of course!) wearing worry beads around they’re necks. I’d have to plant olive and lemon trees for them to munch on. They’d take long naps in the afternoon and Greek dance around the yard till the wee hours of the morning. Oh, wait! I already live with three Greek burros!

What would you do with two burros?

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