My new Muse!!!!

Demetri & our new kitten without a name

It’s been 3 long years since my precious Tippy cat died. I’ve mourned long enough and finally decided it was time for a new purr in my life. So without further ado, I present to you . . . (name pending.) Yes, that is correct, we’ve had the little darling for two weeks and we still can’t agree on a name. I even received a postcard from the vet addressed to Pending Ortakales! LOL

She is four months old, a shelter cat, and came with the name Reese’s (as in peanut butter cup). She is a calico tiger mix so the name is fitting. But it doesn’t do anything for me. I’m looking for a cute feminine kitty name, like Lily for instance. One son wants to give her a video game name like Zelda or Ganendorf. Uh, no. The other one (holding the kitty in the pic) is adament about keeping Reese’s. And the husband would just as soon call her gone!

So please help me name her. All suggestions will be considered. Sorry, no prizes, just my undying gratitude. She has double-paws if that helps you any.

Cat in the Box

7 thoughts on “My new Muse!!!!

  1. I am useless when it comes to names. My husband named all the children and the puppy. No one EVER likes the names I choose. She is adorable though. I think you have some great suggestions from the family.BTW, it took us 3 days or so to name Max. Maybe a week.

  2. Okay, so she has double paws … maybe something playing off that? Two-fer? Ugh. Never mind.Actually, I have to join your son who likes Reese’s. I like that. My cats were always named by my daughter, who came up with such brilliant ones as Donut and Muffin. And Donut 2. The dog’s name was Sax … try hollering that out the back door at 6 a.m. when you aren’t being careful about pronounciation!!!!My vote: Reese’sYou can always call her Peanut Butter as a “nickname.”Kate

  3. hahaha, you’re remark about hubby and how he feels about the new kitty reminded me so much of how mine was when I got a new puppy last year. NOW, he says she’s HIS DOG! I knew he’d come around. ;o)Very cute kitty.I immediately thought Penny….short for Pending. Or Pendy…Pendy-loo.Good luck with the name!

  4. I asked Josif what he’d name her, nad he was no help (too involved w/a game of pretend w/his brother). I personally like Reese’s. What about something Greek? I thought Fastiki (peanut), but I don’t really like that one. I thought Caramel (candy), but that’s just caramel & I’m not too sure about that either. Ryan likes kitty witty, or sweety weety Petey – LOL. How about Exy (six) since he has 6 digit paws. OK… so I was no help. Like I said, I like Reese’s.Val

  5. I would call her Pixie . And call her Pixie Girl for a nickname. She looks like such a sweetie. I gave my last cat “girl”, a plain brown tabby, a Gaelic name, Keeley, which means “slender, fair one.

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